We made this post in the hopes that you get inspired for creating your own flat- lays and making your own blog photographs. There are a few things we enjoy keeping in stock to always use for product setting images and flat-lays for Instagram or our blog.  

Leather Goods

(Pictured above: Tom Ford Wallet); small wallets and card holders are a great layering piece, they bring a great texture to a photo and are often included in popular blog posts and Instagram posts such as "What's in my bag". You will also see them added to those super styled images of beautiful sunny brunches where they add a touch of personal style and femininity. 


(Pictured Above: Sofakompagniet Dining Table); different wood textures work differently but always provides the photography with a certain feel. Try avoiding unnatural looking laminates with repetitive pattern, because they can ruin the authenticity due to looking artificial.


( Pictured Above: Eat, Drink, Nap by Soho); come in abundance of themes and bindings these days. The many beautiful coffee table books will not only be a good decoration for your home, but they're also a great layering piece for pictures because they help bringing depth.


( Pictured Above: Gold Tone Choker by Noir ); is a great add on piece that you can fill in any gaps with, truth is it does not have to be expensive at all. Just make sure not do overdo it!


( Pictured Above: Velour Puff by Sofakompagniet ); also makes up a good layering piece. There are a lot of velour and linen out there right now and it looks beautiful as a base layer. Step by H&M and take a look at the linen table cloths or velour pillows.

Beauty Products

; are often the centre of the image. The Instagram culture wants us to share every new item we purchase, what brands we use, what brands we want to use etc. So take the piece you want to show the world and create a visual frame out of all the things listed above. By frame we don't mean a square of items around the products you want to showcase. Rather think of it as waves or smooth shapes filling the picture, guiding the eye to the item. It is said that S shapes are the most flattering to look at when making flat- lays, but in general any way of symmetry will help you make an interesting photo.


Are you up for trying this? We challenge you!