How to get Instagram followers! - Choose a niche

Today's tip on how to get Instagram followers is choosing a niche. What is a niche you ask? A niche is a narrow marketing segment within which a certain type of content, products, etc. is of interest. Probably one of the most important tips to follow when wanting to grow your audience on Instagram is choosing a niche. Some examples of niches could be fashion, food, travel, beauty and the list is endless.

So choose a niche and stick to it! 

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It's up to you to find a niche you are passionate about and want to continue creating content around. Creating a brand online is all about establishing an identity people can recognize and relate to. This also means that once you start gaining followers, these people expect to see content concerning your niche because that is why they followed you in the first place. If you then start posting content that has nothing to do with your niche, your followers will be confused and may unfollow you because they can't recognize your brand anymore. The brand they initially signed up for. 



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