How to get Instagram followers! - Create a coherent feed

This week’s blog post will be another tip on how to grow your Instagram following and will be concerning your feed. Something that has risen in popularity in the worlds of Instagram lately has been creating a coherent feed.

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What’s a coherent feed you ask? It’s basically when all the photos you post have a similar edit of style to them so they create a consistent visual when you first click onto the account. Creating a coherent feed is an important part of maintaining a specific brand image.

Having a coherent feed is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also let your page visitors get an immediate idea of who you are and the style you have.

Some great examples of Instagrammers with beautifully executed coherent feeds are;

Our first example is Simone Moelle's Instagram profile. As you can see, all her photos are edited in the same way and has a pink tone to them. Also the majority of her photos has to do with travel, so there are a lot of beautiful shots of nature. Next one is Caroline Nehring, which has a beautiful coherent feed with more dark tones. Caroline keeps her feed streamlined with a more moody and monochromatic expression, and she sticks to posting mostly family related photos. Last example is Sarah with the Instagram profile called saltyluxe. Her feed is centered around travel photos and she keep the color palette a bit muted while sticking to mainly blue and green tones. 

Our advice when trying to obtain a coherent feed is choose an editing style which fits well with your brand and stick to it. This might demand some time to experiment and play around a bit. What are you waiting for?