BEST PHOTO PROPS #2: Glassware, plates, bowls, boards etc.

If you have a blog or take many pictures of the same nature you realize how useful some simple things can be. Even a simple white plate can add texture and dimension to a flat lay or few of them stacked on top of eachother to food photoshoot.

We are always hunting for some that are good looking, can be reused and re- purposed and serve as the perfect backdrop. From experience we would start by getting a variety of simple white plates, details like ruffles on the rims, relief or gold specks are a great touch that can still be subtle enough to allow reusing. We have some Eva Solo ones but even IKEA, Ilva or your local Søstrene Grenne could be a source! TIP: buy the plates in varying sizes and mismatch them for more dramatic effect!

One very loved element that can be brought both to dark themed and light imagery is marble. Everyone is crazy for it. We often get ours in Magasin's home section. It is affordable and the price range ensures there is something for everyone. TIP: Pay attention to the pattern, you will be taking pictures from different angles and all things show!

Cups, glasses, pots... all of these can be used in multitude of ways. Vases, with hot beverages in them for flatlays or stock photos. You can even use teapots for table centrepieces with styled flower bouquets etc. Beautiful glassware is handy when shooting cocktail photos and in those pictures many times the difference between top notch crystal and 10dkk a piece cups from Bilka won't be seen!  TIP: Search Pinterest for inspiration and try thinking out f the box! 



Tiger (the cheapest and the most surprising! but you need patience to score a unique piece)

Søsterne Grenne (brilliant ceramics work!)

Notre Dame in Copenhagen

H&M Home (give us everything...)