When shooting outfit pictures there are a few things to consider. Taking these kinds of photos is a lot harder than taking a picture of yourself at home, with the front camera of your phone. For those pictures, you just need to look nice and find an angle, that compliments you. Taking an outfit picture for your blog or Instagram, however, takes a lot more planing. Here are the few things to consider...


Essentially you want to be sure, that the outfit and the location you are taking the photos in makes sense. Before a outfit photoshoot we recommend you to find a few locations you like and take pictures of them. This way you will know what colors will appear in the background of your outfit photos and then you can plan your outfit based on that or vice versa. So always make sure that your outfit and the background compliment each other. If you manage, it will enhance the quality and visual appeal of the picture.

Bonus tip: Make sure there are no cars behind you, because they distort the feel of the pictures.




All photographers know that lighting is very important during a photoshoot. A human's face can give out tons of different vibes just based on the way it is lit. Unfortunately, outfit pictures are usually taken outside and it is hard to predict the weather too much in advance. However, there are a few things you should think about. When shooting in direct sunlight, make sure that the shadows are evenly distributed. Meaning that you either want the person facing the light, so there are no shadows from the side, or you want to have the light behind them. Taking a picture in direct sunlight is more challenging than when it is cloudy. But if you work well with it, the images can turn out stunning.

Bonus tip: Photographing a person with direct sunlight coming from behind gives some sort of charisma to the photo, when done right.




Whenever you are taking outfit photos, make sure you ask the person which item they want to stand out in the photos. It can be a bag or a top, or even their shoes. It is important to emphasise the main item in the photos. When taking pictures for a blog it is good to take some full body shots along with some shots focussing on the details. It is helpful for the readers to see each and every small part of the outfit from a closer proximity.


When shooting an outfit it is essential that the picture is well focused. If you are taking a full body picture, focus on the head, so that the face isn't blurry. It seems like a small thing, but it can make all the difference. The same goes for taking pictures of details. While bringing out a certain part of the outfit, it needs to be crisp. It can be beneficial to use manual focus in case the autofocus feature is not zooming in on the right spot.




The last thing to definitely do is making sure the picture is straight. Sometimes it happens that while shooting you slighlty tilt the camera to one side but then in the post-production phase you can straighten it out. In the begining it is hard to see exactly how much a photo needs straightening. However, the more you take pictures and the more you learn the easier it is to see when a picture is not straight. Someone who doesn't know much about photography, might not be able to realize that the image is slightly tilted, but the photos will not appear as attractive as a straight image.

Bonus tip: There is a straightening feature in most editing softwares and apps. Use the grid to align with something in the photo which is already straight for example a building.