BEST PHOTO PROPS #1: Stationery, Paper Goods and Pens, Clips and the whole shibang!

So... we can call this our first requested blog post series. Our friend Amalie Fernande asked us to give her some tips for photography props, where to get good ones and possibly some budget options as well. Since photography props are the only thing we openly hoard here at Atelier Ours Abeille, we were happy to oblige.

We are sectioning this series into several parts, starting with he simplest and most easily searchable stationery. If you are shooting flaytlays or products images as a blogger or Instagrammer, stationery and all things paper are a great way to lay your base.

The most valuable to us (and easiest to get) have proven to be magazines - we gravitate towards Kinfolk and Cereal, because of their beautiful paper and same shape, size and colour of each copy. They look beautiful stacked or offer endless options for backgrounds and bases since each pages is a beautifully executed new visual. Other favorites are Rum magazine or Elle Decoration that usually have more elements on the pages. 

Secondly, always have a stack of different papers that vary in colour or texture. You can get many cute ones in Panduro. Our favorites are the thicker ones with different shades of pink, grey or beige and then those you can buy in bulk that are much thinner, but have specs of gold and black in them. If your style is much less minimalistic then go ahead and explore their scrapbooking section which has a lot of colourful printed ones!

Lastly, we suggest to get little bits of stationery props you can reuse many times. Get some paper clips (like the ones from Hay), pretty pens, white pencils etc. Take a look at Bahne's selection and even peek into the Hay store too. Yes(!) the furniture is expensive but the small bits are much more approachable! We will conclude this post by mentioning post cards, like the one from Garance Dore (as shown in the picture). Get simple ones, we found the perfect source at the Notre Dame store by Nytorv but take a look in Søstrene Grene or Flying Tiger Copenhagen too!

Stay tuned for more, we will be definitely sharing more form our cupboards ;)