Taking pictures at night is a lot of fun. Usually you get images of the city with a totally different feel than how it looks during the day. All that you need to take these photos is your camera and a tripod. As for the tripod, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a basic one if good enough unless you are in extreme conditions. Furthermore, if you are taking pictures of a city while travelling, having a small and not very heavy tripod is very beneficial. So if you don’t already have one consider the weight when buying it!

When taking long exposure pictures you will be working with the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The settings you want is to have the ISO as low as possible, so at 100. The shutter speed will be between 20s- 30s. And in case you are taking pictures of the night sky you can put the setting to “time”, which means that you start and stop the picture yourself. Lastly the aperture should be as high as possible, since you want a lot of it to be sharp. So put it to f16-20. Below are a few examples of photos and the camera settings that were on to take the photo.

ISO: 100, 50mm lens, 20s, F/16

ISO: 100, 50mm lens, 20s, F/16

ISO: 100, 50mm lens, 30s, F/7,1

ISO: 100, 50mm lens, 86s, F/9

ISO: 100, 50mm lens, 30s, F/14