As a new photographer, there are a few things to keep in mind and do that will help you get started on the route to amazing pictures. Always keep in mind that there are rules to photography, which were established a very long time ago. And if you want to break the rules and experiment, well you first need to learn them! So here is an article to get you started on that...



The most “famous” rule for composition is the rule of thirds. If you imagine that your photographs are divided into 3x3 rectangles separated by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines, the rule of thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. This will add balance and interest to the photo. Another good tip is to balance elements in the photo. This means that if you have one important thing you want to capture, then don’t put it in the middle of the photo, but rather to the side- again following the rule of thirds.



The benefit of having a digital camera is that you can take pictures for free. You can easily take hundreds of photos and then look at them to see what worked for you and what didn’t . Either way, it's not like taking pictures on film, where you try to get the best image possible because you only have a limited number of shots. So go crazy and try taking pictures from different angles and different camera settings. As we mentioned last week, the best images will come out of shooting manual, so that is something you need to learn. Try out the settings of your camera and see what happens when you play with ISO adjusting it up and down.



To become good at photography, you need to practice. So just keep your camera on you all the time and try taking pictures of people on the street, buildings, birds, coffee, food - really anything you can find. And while doing so, see what settings are best to use. Just practice, practice, practice!



Nowadays you can find inspiration everywhere. Just go to Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media and you will be presented with so many visual ideas. You can see what others have done, and how they did it. Every photographer has a unique style, but learning from each other only helps with making even more interesting pictures. It is always interesting to hear how someone else takes pictures of houses compared to someone else. Photography doesn’t have any rules so embrace all the different art already out there and find your own unique approach to it.



When I started taking pictures, I wish someone had told me that the post-production process is almost more important then the actual photo. I was constantly stressed that the pictures just weren’t coming out the way I saw others have them on their social media accounts. And then I found Light Room. The best tool for bulk editing. Post-production can be really fun, and if you learn and master that skill you can make insanely cool photos. A post about editing pictures will be coming up soon! We hope you find these tips helpful and motivates you to bring out your camera and start shooting. 

Ours Abeille